What is LearnHub?

LearnHub is the world's largest online social learning network dedicated exclusively to international education. Our mission is to empower students and educators from every corner of the globe to connect with one another and to establish meaningful relationships. To our students, we offer a variety of innovative tools that empower your research and help you enroll in programs to meet your dreams.


  • Follow updates from our favourite schools on our community pages
  • Search to find the programs you want; filter out the ones you don't
  • Interact directly with your dream school by participating in discussions comments and discussions on each school

Study Abroad

  • Get tips and information on each country you're considering; anything from how to score scholarships to creating a budget for living in that country.
  • Work with our team of counselors throughout the visa application process to ensure your bases covered
  • Use Learnhub's network to connect with students who have studied abroad before

Test Prep

  • Use our unqiue practice tests and question banks to help you prepare for the big exam
  • Track your progress and compete against other users on our score board
  • Connect directly with experts for those questions you just can't crack


  • Spend 5 minutes with our career assessment tool to learn which fields best match you
  • Find indepth profile on popular careers including salary information
  • Need more training to meet your career goals? No problem, just slip over to our college page to learn which schools can help you land your dream job.

Each Learnhub user is given a personalized homepage to help you keep track of what important to you on the site. Become a fan of a school and follow their updates; track test prep and be the first to catch new tests and quizzes as they are created; or simply use your homepage to stay connected to your network and share your exciting news.