5 QS parents must ask before sending their child abroad

Is your child independent and mature enough to study abroad? Will he be able to adjust to a new environment? Which university and program will best meet his needs? Which country will accept him with open arms?

These are some questions which parents must ask before sending their wards to study abroad. As they are investing a lot, they should be sure that they will get maximum returns on these investments.

1) What is the destination of the university? What is the duration of the program?

Once you know which country your child is going for studying, you will know about cultural difference, its language, economy and other things associated with it. You will also know how safe and secure is that place for foreign students. It also makes sense to go for those countries which can complete a course in less duration than other countries as it become more cost effective.

2) Will the university give credit for the program you choose?

According to CBS News, this question is very important as many universities or colleges limit credit for study abroad or offer it only for their own partnership programs. Each school has its own set of criteria. These can also influence the cost of a program. Hence, in some cases some programs will cost far more than a semester's tuition at the student's home school.

3) Is the program worthwhile?

Since you will be taking a loan to fulfill your child's study abroad aspirations, you must be 100% sure that the program and the university you are selecting is worth your money. Check out if it has a good placement record, its ranking, its alumni, course content and faculty to get an idea if the university is good.

4) What are the goals to studying abroad?

A student should have a list of goals he sets to achieve for his stint abroad. It could be to learn a new language, make friends of diverse backgrounds, immerse in a different culture, get work experience in a different country, etc.

5) Will he be able to bear the expenses of his stay?

In countries like Canada, UK and USA, students can earn and learn. If you send your ward in any one if these countries, they can work part-time and be able to bear the expenses of their stay. This will take care of their lodging, food and travel expenses. This will also give them an enriching experience which will help them in overall development.

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    QueencyWed, 03 Dec 2014 15:57:25 -0000

    Am a Nigerian i need scholarship to school abroad, how can i go about it. I have my ssce with 5credits

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