TOP 20 Australian Universities as per recent rankings

by Manisha Verma

Australia is gradually becoming one of the most sought after study abroad destination for Asian students. A large number of students prefer this country as compared to other European universities. The country offers quality education to students and offers a wide range of courses to choose from. The country offers good standard of education to students and provides them with right kind of opportunities for their professional future. The colleges equally concentrate on studies and other activities like students clubs, sports clubs and events, movies and night life.

Australia is the best place to live while you learn. It gives a learning experience and widens your horizon to look at the world. The standard of education is among the highest in the world but the cost to study there is much lower as compared to UK and USA. The education of the country has a strong reputation for providing excellent education. The education imparted in all institutions over there will build a strong foundation for your future success. The benefits of getting education from Australia are it gives you a platform to succeed in your professional future, and prepares you to face all kind of challenges at your work place. Below is the ranking of top 20 Australian universities to make your study aboard dream come true:

University Name Average Score (Out of 5)
1. Australian National University 4.38
2. University of Melbourne 4.33
3. University of Queensland 4.17
4. University of NSW 4.04
5. University of Sydney 3.83
6. University of Western Australia 3.64
7. University of Adelaide 3.55
8. Monash University 3.45
9. Macquarie University 3.24
10. Queensland University of Technology 3.09
11. Griffith University 3
12. Melbourne College of Divinity 3
13. University of Technology Sydney 2.95
14. University of Tasmania 2.81
15. University of Newcastle 2.71
16. University of Wollongong 2.71
17. Murdoch University 2.65
18. La Trobe University 2.62
19. RMIT University 2.61
20. University of South Australia 2.61

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