51,576 fake university certificates in circulation in India!

Posted Fri, 29 Oct 2010 06:18:00 -0000

It seems people adopt desperate and illegal measures to get jobs. The Central Bureau of Investigation has recently informed the Bombay High Court that as many as 51,576 fake university degrees were submitted by people to secure jobs.

Stunned by the number, the court has directed the Central Government to form a special team to investigate the racket involving the supply of fake degrees.

However, the court is not clear whether this figure of 51,576 is a nation-wide or just state figure.

This racket got out in open when the court was hearing a petition filed by former principal of Siddharth Law College, Ashok Inamdar, who has claimed that one of the lecturers, Chitra Salunkhe, had submitted a forged degree to obtain admission in a law course at Mumbai University.

According to the petitioner, Salunkhe had obtained a fake Bachelor of Arts degree from Kakatia University in Warangal, Andhra Pradesh, which she used to procure admission in Mumbai University. After she got her degree in law from the Mumbai University, she took up the job of a lecturer at Siddharth College.

However, when officials of Siddharth College did a reference check from Kakatia University they found out that they did not have any student by the name of Salunkhe.

After going through this case, CBI has suggested measures like issuing out E-certificates to minimise risk of forging.

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