True path to become a JavaScript Ninja

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True path to become a JavaScript Ninja

JavaScript is everywhere in the world now, dominating all other programming languages. A lot of developers are moving towards javascript and our community is spreading widely. But the problem these new developers are facing now is that they do not know how to start learning JavaScript or which path to follow. So i decided to write my experience with JavaScript, how i started learning JavaScript and how to follow a path which will lead you to become a JavaScript Ninja. This path will not be easy and it will take a lot of time to dig-deep into JavaScript and understand how JavaScript works. So always stay focused and motivated. We will learn a lot in this journey. Just stay connected and follow this process with commitment.


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Learning Phase: ES5 or ES6?
The first phase of every thing is learning phase. In this phase you will learn and master the building block of every programming language and a programmer, “THE SYNTAX”. But before that, you must know which syntax to learn.
Learning Phase: Core JavaScript?
Second thing you have to learn is what things do you have in your arsenal ? A JavaScript Ninja’s arsenal is a pile of Loops and iteration , Functions , Expressions and operators, etc. The more you know about it, the more powerful you become.
Learning Phase:Follow a style guide
Every programmer or developer must follow some coding standards. This things will help them producing more quality of code and understanding code of other developers in the community. Some of the style guides are mentioned below. Select any one of these and start following them from your first day.
Practicing Phase:JavaScript Libraries & Frameworks
As you are now familiar with JavaScript. Its time to build something but wait.. do you have to code each and every thing that will be in your application ? Well fortunately the answer is Big No!!. There are a lot of libraries and frameworks out there which will help you building full-featured application without writing each and every thing on your own.Lets move one step further and start using libraries and frameworks which will help you building awesome and great stuff.
Practicing Phase:Task Runners & Module Bundlers
Task runners and module bundlers are kind of necessary if you are building a JavaScript application now. We will cover why we need this but first let us know what they actually are. Lets go through definitions first
Practicing Phase:Promises & Callbacks
Asynchronous code is one of the master powers that JavaScript developers have. JavaScript is always synchronous and single-threaded. If you’re executing a JavaScript block of code on a page then no other JavaScript on that page will currently be executed.
Practicing Phase:Arrow functions & Destructuring
ES6 brings a lot of features with itself. Two of the most important features are arrow functions and destructuring.
Expertise Phase:Master core concepts in JavaScript
We have learned a lot of JavaScript topics till now. But things I am going to talk about now is necessary in order to understand JavaScript. Add following things into your JavaScript arsenal and you will be invincible in JavaScript domain.
Expertise Phase:OOP vs Functional Programming
JavaScript is neither completely Object-oriented language nor functional programming, but we can do both using JavaScript. Lets move further and understand what does it mean.
Expertise Phase:Design Patterns
A design pattern is a general repeatable solution to a commonly occurring problem in software design.There are a lot of design patterns which programmers can use to solve different types of problems. Most common design patterns are listed below
Expertise Phase:JavaScript powering Servers
Oh Yeah! This blog series started with a line which was:JavaScript is everywhere in the world now, dominating all other programming languages.But till far, we are just practicing JavaScript in the browser or at the client-side. Then how in the world JavaScript become the most dominating programming language of the decade ? The truth is JavaScript is no more bounded with browser only, we can also execute it outside the browser.Yes.. we can but the question is how ? and I am pretty sure you know the answer or encounter this term somewhere in your career, the answer is Node.js.
Expertise Phase: Must Read Article
Start playing with asynchronous code and explore more with your knowledge. Async code is not new in our path. We already learned a lot about callbacks and promises. Both of them are used to do async programming. But according to trend , callbacks are past, promises are present and async/await is future.
Final Phase:Stuff to Read
Finally, we reached at the last stage of becoming a JavaScript Ninja. Till far we have gone through each and every thing in JS which is necessary to be an expert in JavaScript. There are a lot of people out there who will be new to this series. I welcome all those developers and thank them for joining us in our path to become a JavaScript Ninja.
Final Phase:Stuff to watch
Youtube is a a great platform to learn but there are very few content which will give you right knowledge. Below are some youtube channels which you must subscribe to and go through their content. They really have a lot of quality content.
Final Phase:Newsletters
Newsletter are the best way to stay updated with the latest technology and current trends. There are newsletters which post weekly news, articles, links and tools about JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Node.js and many others frontend stuff. Following are some of the best newsletters services which will keep you refresh.
Final Phase:People to follow
Always stay connected with experts and the best platform for this in modern world is Twitter. Follow the experts listed down and stay connected with modern JavaScript trends.
Interview Questions
Interview questions are best way to get knowledge of tricky questions. Whenever you think that you learned all the things about JavaScript. There is no better way to test them instead of Interview questions. Visit all the links below and test you knowledge.
Go through other’s code
The best way to be a great coder, start reading codes of other developers. Every developer has a unique way to write code. If you want to be a experienced developer, read their code. You will learn a lot of techniques which you can also use. If you don’t know where to find good code, just visit Github. Some of the great libraries are